3 days ago

An email we have received:

“Mustafa has a Rare Chromosomal Disorder (an unbalanced translocation between chromosomes 21q and 12p) along with Right side Hemiparasis. His condition has caused him severe developmental delay where at 4yrs and 10mths he is unable to stand, walk or talk. He always needs to have an adult around.
However, what I have mentioned above is a very small part of what really describes Mustafa.
This child is a star. A fighter.
He has a million dollar smile and knows exactly how to charm everyone around him.
He has had a very rough start in life. Cardiac arrest at 3 months of age, severe sleep apnea, severe reflux, severe pulmonary hypertension, 2 surgeries of his tonsils and adenoids, on and off oxygen for 2 years, NG, NJ, Nasal Prong, and uncountable chest infections.
Looking at him now, we know and believe that Mustafa is full of surprises and he can get through anything in life smiling away, We are blessed and lucky to have a child as adorable as ... See more

3 days ago

With just over 2 weeks until this round of the Local Community Fund closes on Saturday 26 October, we wanted to let you know there’s still time to encourage members of the Co-Op to choose Wipe Away Those Tears as their cause.

The Co-Op have written to us saying, “We know causes have been working hard to raise their profile over the past year with our members, there’s still £5,961.19 available in your community which members haven't allocated to a cause yet. We hope you take this final opportunity to promote your cause on social media by sharing the link below amongst your supporters. After all, the more members that choose your cause, the more funding your project will receive”.


6 days ago

Archie Connolly is 10 years old. He heard about the work that Wipe Away Those Tears does for children in Essex and decided that he wanted to do some fundraising.

We are delighted to report that he raised the incredible sum of £224.32 and also 50 dollars was donated.

Archie. we would like to say a very big THANK YOU, you should be very proud of yourself for your kindness and compassion. Well done.

1 week ago

X is 12 years old and was diagnosed with high grade undifferentiated small cell sarcoma of the right mandible on the 19th August. She has treatment every fortnight lasting between 4-6 days in UCLH. She has also been admitted to Broomfield hospital twice between treatments for 3-4 days each time, which limits her access to school work which she is keen to keep on top of.
Wipe Away Those Tears have purchased a laptop at a cost of £970 to enable this brave girl to continue with her studies.

1 week ago

Alina is a 13 month old little girl who was born at 39 weeks with Down’s syndrome. Screening during pregnancy did not identify that her mum was at high risk.

Alina is delayed in all areas of her development. She has only just started to sit up with help. She is not crawling or walking and has no form of communication. She is under the Cardiology team at Great Ormond Street hospital. They have concerns regarding the valves connected to her heart and may need to operate. She is also under Queens hospital neontology and ophthalmology.

Her mum wrote saying, “Alina enjoys to be outside in the garden. It would be amazing for her to have a swing she can sit in”.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase a special swinging chair at a cost of £450.

1 week ago

Nolan is 19 months old. He was diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, type 3 at 3 weeks old. This genetic condition causes his bones to be weak as they are lacking in collagen, so he can break bones easily. So far, Nolan has broken his thigh bones 3 times, his most recent break was in July.

Nolan has to be very careful every day. He receives treatment to help strengthen his bones in hospital every 6 weeks. He has to deal with a lot of pain with his condition, but he is a very happy, cheeky little boy.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase a special car seat for Nolan to help keep him safe and comfortable whilst travelling, at a cost of £332.

1 week ago

Cameron was born two months prematurely and has cerebral palsy and spastic dysplegia. His parents were told that he wouldn’t survive and would never walk. He developed NEC on day 5, had to have some of his intestine removed, developed E. coli septacemia as a result of the surgery and had to have skin grafted onto him from his dad’s leg.

Cameron is now 15 and is football crazy and has started to play for a cerebral palsy team. He exercises every day to make his legs stronger and straighter, since surgery 3 years ago to insert 8-plates in his knees and lengthen his hamstrings.

His dad says, “Everyone who meets Cameron remembers him. His personality, his outlook on life, or just the way he makes them laugh with his comments”.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase a specialist trike for Cameron at a cost of £1,923. The trike will help to improve both his strength and his independence, making him free to start living a more complete life.

2 weeks ago

When Daisy was 2 months old she was in hospital with tonsillitis and her Mum plucked up the courage to ask the doctors in A&E if there was something not quite right with her baby girl. Daisy wasn't holding her head up or fixing and following. After lots of tests, the doctors told her mum that she had microcephaly and they didn't think she had much, if any vision. Fast forward 13 months to today and Daisy has partial sight, delayed development and low muscle tone.

Her parents wrote, “We are desperately trying to help Daisy to sit, so she can play with her big brother. We know that a squiggle system would help our little girl with her development. If we could use this alongside our physio, occupational therapy and home help, I am sure we could get her sitting at least aided.

We looked at trying to buy one for ourselves as we have seen lots of children benefiting from them, but I have had to give up my job to become her full time carer as she doesn't feed or settle with anyone ... See more

2 weeks ago

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Poppy Yates and the NCS (National Citizen Service) for raising £172.88 for Wipe Away Those Tears.

We are truly grateful to everyone concerned for their support and generosity.

3 weeks ago

We are extremely grateful to the Year 6 children at Brentwood Preparatory School for raising the incredible sum of £250 at their Charity Afternoon in June.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone concerned.

1 month ago

Kali is 23 months and was born prematurely. Two weeks after she was born she contracted pneumonia which she couldn’t fight, which turned into meningitis. Ever since then she has had a lot of health issues.

Kali’s parents found out that she had brain damage in January, noticing she wasn’t developing as she should. She was fitted with a NG tube in March after recurring respiratory problems, fluid on the lungs and chest infections due to her unsafe swallow, as she aspirates on anything that tries going down her oesophagus. She has gord and chokes on her acid reflux so many times daily, she’s awaiting surgery for gastrostomy and nissens fundoplication next month.

Kali was also diagnosed with cerebral palsy in June and has had suspected seizures. She doesn’t yet sit unaided, but can roll around the room.

Her mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears requesting a postural support seat and a mobility rider. She said, “We just want to give Kali some freedom to play without ... See more

1 month ago

It has been a busy week for Wipe Away Those Tears! Last night we were honoured to attend the 4th Birthday Party of The Fat Turk Restaurant in Warley, Brentwood.

Akin and Burak, the owners of the restaurant, had chosen us as their charity for the year. We were presented with a cheque for £2,000.

We are truly grateful to them for their support and generosity.