5 days ago

Trinity is a young 9 year old, cheeky and happy girl who doesn't communicate through normal speech but expresses her likes and dislikes in other ways.
Trinity has been diagnosed with West Syndrome - (A baby form of Epilepsy), when she was still a baby at 4 months and then at 2 years old she was diagnosed with Aicardi Syndrome which affects the eyes. Trinity has to wear a body brace to help straighten the spine due to being diagnosed with scoliosis at the age of 2.

Trinity has severe developmental delays and now suffers from an epilepsy which occurs mainly during the night &/or when she wakes up. She can also have an epileptic seizure during the day, but thankfully this does not happen so often.

Trinity is dependant on an adult for all of her cares, changing, feeding etc, moving from one place to the other.

Her mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears as Trinity needs a new car seat which is safer and more comfortable for her.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase this at a ... See more

2 weeks ago

Anisa is 17 years old and has Down’s syndrome. She has low muscle tone, no speech and little hearing.

Her mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears to see if we would be prepared to fund a specialist trike. This would help with Anisa’s exercise and give her a sense of freedom and enjoyment.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase the trike at a cost of £1,840.

2 weeks ago

Testimony will be 3 in December and has many complex needs and diagnosis, his long term prognosis is unknown. His “main” diagnosis includes quadriplegic cerebral palsy, epilepsy, visual impairment and NG dependant.

Recently his speech/language therapist and occupational therapists have been bringing switches/switch adapted toys for him to play with.

He is also fully wheelchair dependant however, recently during therapy he has started to increase the movements in his legs-mimicking a crawling motion when he is on his stomach, but he doesn’t have the strength /ability to hold the top half of his body up to be able to actually crawl.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase the specialist equipment to aid with Testimony’s development at a cost of £930.

2 weeks ago

We are delighted to announce that Primark Romford has chosen Wipe Away Those Tears as their charity of the year.

We are extremely grateful to all concerned for their support and generosity.

3 weeks ago

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to be able to grant a special wish for a little girl with a life threatening/life limiting heart condition.

She wished to see the Aladdin show with her family. We have purchased tickets and arranged transport at a total cost of £950.

We hope that they all have a very special time together.

4 weeks ago

Simeon was born at 33 weeks and was diagnosed with the following:

Trisomy 21
Large PDA (heart problem)
Duodenal atresia with malrotation
Chylothorax requiring chest drains

He had a very difficult beginning of life and he is still having some challenges. Simeon is almost 3 years old and he hasn’t crawled, can stand with support but he is still not mobile. He is not talking either. He is getting too big for his stroller as his feet are constantly touching the floor, which makes it very difficult to go out and about. He has undergone 4 surgeries due to his condition and many other complications and still has to attend appointments and have check-ups.

His mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears requesting a new stroller, to help Simeon to be pushed around comfortably.

We are delighted to purchase this at a cost of £195.

1 month ago

Oliver who is now 15 was diagnosed with Hurlers Syndrome when he was only a few months old and has had a bone marrow transplant, as well as many surgeries. Due to his condition his mobility has been severely affected, making Oliver's life very challenging. Operating a manual wheelchair has become very difficult for him.

His mum contacted Wipe Away Those Tears to see if we could fund an electric wheelchair, which will make Oliver's life so much better and enable him to gain much needed independence. The difference this wheelchair will make is immeasurable and will change Oliver's life.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase this wheelchair at a cost of £1,400.

1 month ago

Ollie-James will be 4 years old tomorrow.

He failed his new born hearing test and this resulted in finding out he has sensorineural hearing loss, which requires him to wear hearing aids.

Ollie has macular pathway dysfunction meaning the optic nerve doesn't work correctly and he has focal epilepsy. He also has long qt syndrome which affects his heart. He is also non-verbal and uses makaton

In May 2018, Ollie received a diagnosis of Kleefstra syndrome , which is a rare genetic condition. He has spent so much time in hospitals and specialist departments.

His mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears as she would love to take Ollie and his siblings to CBeebies Land for an overnight stay, as he has learnt a lot of his Makton via this.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to send the family for a stay at the hotel and passes to the theme park at a cost of £650. We hope that they all have a wonderful time together.

1 month ago

Rosie is 15 years old and has Downs Syndrome. Her mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears as Rosie trialled a specialist trike that she was able to ride to give her independence and improve her fitness.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase this for Rosie at a cost of £1,640.

1 month ago

We would like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Jo Oldham and all who attended the golf day that she organised for Wipe Away Those Tears. This raised a fantastic sum of £1,100.

1 month ago

Cassia-Rose is 2 and at a 20 week scan her parents were told she had issues within her brain and kidneys as well as some other minor issues and were strongly advised to end the pregnancy. She was born at 38 weeks and seemed to be doing well, but just a few weeks later issues started to show.

Her mum wrote, “After many hospital admissions, pneumonia’s and tests we are still being told it’s all a case of watch and wait. Cassia-Rose is fed via a feeding tube every 4 hours like a newborn still and is not on solid foods yet, due to an issue with her swallow (oropharyngeal dysphagia). She has no swallow, so chokes on everything including her own vomit or saliva which has now led to needing suction at home. She has sensory processing disorder, globally delayed, speech motor planning issues, mobility issues due to weakness on her left side. She struggles with tremors and has a very clumsy uncoordinated walk, leading to many falls. She is awaiting special boots to help with her ... See more

1 month ago

Bella is 2 years old. She has Downs syndrome and has been through a lot in her little life with heart surgery and being in and out of hospital in the last 2 months. She has now been sent home with medical oxygen which is rather noisy.

Her mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears as Bella needs a new pushchair and car seat, to make her life more comfortable.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase the items requested at a cost of £360.