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Wipe Away Those TearsWe are a charity which aims to grant a wish and bring a sparkle into the lives of terminally or seriously ill children in Essex. We have no overheads or administration costs, so every penny that is raised goes towards helping very special children

Wipe Away Those Tears has no cures to offer and all too often some of our wishes will end in sadness, but during desperate times when there seems to be no hope we aim to wipe away those tears and bring a sparkle into the lives of these special children, no matter how big or small.

Wipe Away Those Tears was set up in 2006 with the aim of raising money from a Summer Ball each year. In February 2007 my dear father, Phil O’Shea, sadly passed away.

Instead of flower tributes at his funeral friends and family paid tribute by making donations to wipe away those tears. It seems fitting that the charity I founded received these initial donations in memory of my beloved father.

Wipe Away Those TearsJason O’Shea
Founding Trustee


3 days ago
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We are delighted to see that Louise loves her new pushchair that was provided by Wipe Away Those Tears.

4 days ago

We would like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Tara Brigid for arranging a ‘Back to the 80s’ event and raising the incredible sum of £1,167 for Wipe Away Those Tears. Also THANK YOU to Elm Hall Primary School for contributing £50 and to Silver End School the sum of £109.
We are extremely grateful to everyone involved for supporting Wipe Away Those Tears.

1 week ago

Joel and Roger Mumford walked the Capital Challenge in April and have raised the incredible sum of £1,546 in memory of their nephew Jake Whiteside.

We are so very grateful to them for their support and generosity to Wipe Away Those Tears.

2 weeks ago

We would like to say an enormous THANK YOU to Hollie Dingley who has raised the incredible amount of £1,145 for Wipe Away Those Tears. We are so very grateful.

2 weeks ago

We are so delighted to see that Winnie is enjoying her new mobility aid.

2 weeks ago
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Dottie will be one at the end of June and has developmental delay due to open heart surgery at the age of 14 days. She was then rushed to the Brompton Hospital from neonatal. She weighed 4 lb and had reconstruction surgery, a valve repaired, aortic arch and five holes.

Due to these complications from birth, Dottie has trouble with head control and has swallowing difficulties. She cannot bare weight on her legs and cannot sit without aided support. Dottie has 3 physio sessions a week to help strengthen her core control and head control.

Her mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears saying “I have tried every seating possible, but due to her poor head control Dottie is uncomfortable in a normal form of chair and this is heartbreaking to see. I feel that a p-pod chair will help Dottie, so that she is able to enjoy playing with her toys in a chair that is supportive and comfortable. I would be forever grateful if you could help with the funding of this”.

Wipe Away Those Tears ... See more

3 weeks ago
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Louise was born in October 2018 at just 24 weeks. She weighed 1lb 1oz and had a huge fight on her hands but from day one was always a little feisty girl. She spent a long 13 weeks in NICU and was on a ventilator for 3 of those weeks. She endured multiple cannulas and long lines, hundreds of blood tests, heel pricks, x-rays, scans and many scares for mummy and daddy & her big sisters, but she got through it all and came home in January on home oxygen.

Louise has since been back into hospital many times after contracting RSV and being re-ventilated only weeks after coming home. She has had two eye operations, her lungs have collapsed twice and she has also had sepsis. This little girl has shown her strength but she is still on home oxygen and also has heart trouble.

Louise’s mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears as she needs a special pram to fit the oxygen canister and all her other equipment under. She said, “We would try and buy one but we are really struggling financially ... See more

3 weeks ago

An email we received today:

“We wanted to tell you how extremely grateful we are for your charity’s donation of the gait trainer/walking frame you gave our son Ryan.

This has had the most amazing effect on his physical but also mental well-being.

He spends up to 3 hours daily (when he is not at school) standing up on his own two feet, weight-bearing and moving, joining in various fun activities with his family and his care team.

This has had an amazing effect on his muscle tone, his digestion, his socialisation and his confidence.

He stands tall and he sings, he dances, he kicks the ball, he shoot hoops, he throws a ball to his new puppy, etc.

He is no longer overseen by everyone whilst sitting in the corner in a wheelchair, he now joins in with almost every activity we do.

He is becoming more and more independent in making choices for himself on where he wants to go and what he wants to do.

He is so much happier and more confident than we have seen him be in the last ... See more

4 weeks ago
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Patrik was born at 36 weeks in May 2017. He had a TAPVC (birth defect of the heart) and he has one lung. His left lung was completely missing.

After he was born he spent 4 weeks in hospital, because he needed a lot of support for his breathing and feeding.

He had an emergency operation when he was 3 months old and spent a further 4 weeks in hospital.

When he was 8 month old,he got a RSV (respiratory virus) and he needed to fight for his life again. His second surgery was one year ago.

Patrik is now 2. He cannot talk, he gets anxious and upset and cannot tell anyone why. He is unable to sit by himself, he gets tired easily and cannot support himself, causing him to become floppy.

His mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears saying, “Patrik likes to be out in the sunshine and I take him out daily, but his current buggy he struggles with, as he is not supported in it. I have come across one I feel would help him greatly, where he can sit in supported, one that he can see me and ... See more

1 month ago
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Maya has a brain condition from birth called lissencephaly (smooth brain) , band heterotopia, nystagmus and strabismus which was discovered at around 18 months old. Now 3 ½ years old, she is a very happy little girl with an older brother (6) and a baby sister (7mths). Maya doesn’t walk and has very limited vocabulary, but has an infectious giggle.

Her parents wrote to us asking for some help funding for a car seat that can be rotated to ease getting her in and out of the car.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase the car seat for Maya at a cost of £2,400.