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Wipe Away Those TearsWe are a charity which aims to grant a wish and bring a sparkle into the lives of terminally or seriously ill children in Essex. We have no overheads or administration costs, so every penny that is raised goes towards helping very special children

Wipe Away Those Tears has no cures to offer and all too often some of our wishes will end in sadness, but during desperate times when there seems to be no hope we aim to wipe away those tears and bring a sparkle into the lives of these special children, no matter how big or small.

Wipe Away Those Tears was set up in 2006 with the aim of raising money from a Summer Ball each year. In February 2007 my dear father, Phil O’Shea, sadly passed away.

Instead of flower tributes at his funeral friends and family paid tribute by making donations to wipe away those tears. It seems fitting that the charity I founded received these initial donations in memory of my beloved father.

Wipe Away Those TearsJason O’Shea
Founding Trustee


7 months ago
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Reggie is 3 and Ernie is 21 months.

They both have Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome and the only treatment is a bone marrow transplant. Reggie had his transplant in January 2019 and Ernie had his transplant in March 2020. The condition is life limiting and affects their immune system/platelets, meaning the boys have spent most of their lives isolated and will need to remain in isolation for the foreseeable future, due to the recovery time of their transplant.

They both had their transplants at Great Ormond Street.

Their mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears as she would like an
Activity frame for the garden with swings and slides. After the chemotherapy the boys have had, they can find it difficult to climb things like ladders.

We are delighted to fund a specially designed piece of play equipment for the boys at a cost of £2,000.

7 months ago
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Rocky is 15 months old and has complex health issues and an undiagnosed syndrome. He was born 3 months premature and spent 3 months in NICU. Rocky has also spent the last year in and out of hospital, from Princess Alexandra Hospital and Great Ormond Street.

Whilst Rocky was in Great Ormond Street, it was confirmed that he has chronic lung disease. He also has had gastrostomy fitted, as he struggles to put on weight. Rocky currently weighs 6kg which means that he is not where he should be. He has been put on Bipap machine (Non-Invasive Ventilation) for when he sleeps, as he has difficulty breathing when he is sleeping.

Rocky is having Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy to help with his development, as he is extremely behind. He also has a special chair to help him sit and he also has a supported pram.

His mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears as Rocky has been measured for a specialist car seat that will support him and enable him to be taken out safely in a car.

Wipe ... See more

7 months ago
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Theo is 2 years old and has Down Syndrome. He has hypotonia and hypermobilty and as a result is quite delayed in being able to weight bear. He is an expert at commando crawling but does not yet have the lower body strength to stand.

Due to the lockdown, his 6 weekly physiotherapy sessions and contact has stopped.

His mum wrote to us saying, “We are obviously doing as many targeted activities as we can at home but feel that these could be enhanced by using a climbing frame”.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase the specialist frame at a cost of £220.

7 months ago
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Darcie is 3 years old and has a rare genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome and she also has epilepsy. Her condition mainly affects her nervous system, balance and coordination, as well as causing severe intellectual disability. She is currently learning to walk.

Darcie has a lot of sensory processing issues and and in order to give her lots of sensory feedback she loves jumping on her trampoline and swinging on her swing.

Her mum wrote to us and said, “Darcie has just about outgrown the baby seat on her swing. Any help towards getting her a new special needs swing seat would mean so much and would make such a difference”.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase the new swing seat at a cost of £124.

7 months ago
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Finley is 4 months old and has had repeated trips into hospital for breathing episodes. The first being when he was just 3 weeks via ambulance. He was diagnosed with bronchialitis and needed vapotherm intervention as well as being tube fed for a couple of days.
Since then he has had two more admissions, both times needing oxygen and nebuliser.

Finley has also had a couple of visits to CAU for monitoring via his GP, due to rapid breathing and chest recessions. When he is being monitored there is a pattern of his oxygen sats dropping dangerously low to 84%. His parents are currently waiting on an ECG for Finley and then follow up appointments from there to find out why this keeps happening.

His mum wrote to us as she has no way to monitor this at home and it is keeping her awake all night.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase the necessary equipment to enable them to monitor Finley's oxygen saturation levels at home remotely and give them the means necessary to know ... See more

8 months ago
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Leo is 22 months old and was diagnosed with Downs syndrome pre-birth. He suffers with sleep apnea, as well as having a hole in his heart and a narrow artery which is monitored regularly.

Leo needs a new light-weight stroller to get him around and also some sensory aids for at home to help with his development.

Wipe Away Those Tears are delighted to purchase the items for Leo at a cost of £550.

8 months ago
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Reuben is 9. He has a bone marrow disease called Aplastic Anaemia. It is very rare 2-10000 affected a year and it is a life-threatening and life changing condition.

Reuben had a bone marrow transplant in May last year, along with chemotherapy and now has a suppressed immune system. This means he is not able to go to school or mix in crowds. He has now developed very weak and thin bones due to the steroid use and has a fracture in his T12 bone in his spine. His consultants have said that physio will help him to build his strength and stamina back.

Reuben loved swimming prior to his diagnosis. At the moment he has a Hickman line fitted to assist doctors with his weekly blood tests and for IV medications. This cannot get wet.

His mum wrote saying, “Unless we can get him a dry suit to wear, he will not be able to go into a hydrotherapy pool to start some exercises and also start to build his confidence back and allow him to do something he previously loved to ... See more

8 months ago

While everyone has a chance to take time out and perhaps reflect on what is important - and how we can help each other....
Please spread the word about Wipe Away Those Tears. We are keen to help as many families as possible living in Essex, who have a child with a life-limiting or life threatening illness.
Our application process is so simple - please send an email to gail@wipeawaythosetears.org with details of your child and how we can help.
Our criteria is one wish per family and I am sorry but it does not include autism or any associated learning difficulties.
Please spread the word throughout Essex so that we can help as many children as possible x

8 months ago

Angus is 2.5 years old. He was starved of oxygen at birth, sustaining HIE grade 3 which has resulted in quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Angus is currently using a lie down baby bath seat. He is really too big for it now and slips out of it. Angus is unable to sit unaided.

We are delighted to purchase a specialist bath seat for Angus at a cost of £315.

8 months ago
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Tilly Rose was born at 28 weeks in
January weighing one pound 4 ounces. Her mum had problems at her 20 week scan and was told that Tilly was growth restricted. She was also told that genetically something could be wrong. She was sent to Royal London Hospital every day as the oxygen Tilly was also getting from the placenta was not good.

Tilly and her mum have been in the Royal London Hospital since she was born. Tilly has managed to get her weight up to 2Ibs now. She has had a few setbacks as she may have a blockage so they are doing some investigations. She is still on high flow of oxygen and has just started blood transfusions and antibiotics as they think she may have a infection of some sort . Tilly has to have a lumbar puncture and they have just put a long line back up to give her fluid and nutrition as she can no longer have her mum’s milk as her tummy is so sore and bloated.

Her mum wrote to Wipe Away Those Tears as she was taken into hospital so long ago now and ... See more